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Imagine a community:
full of support, authencity & inspiration
Imagine a place: to
connect, restore, enjoy, grow, balance & bloom
Imagine a holistic network:
full of wellbeing, selfcare, possibilities & spiritual growth
Sounds good to you?
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Growing up as an only child, I quickly learned the ability to find “sisters” who were cut from the same cloth.

For as long as I can remember, I have surrounded myself privately with inspiring, supportive women, with HERAS.

Unfortunately, this support was not always available in the business world and I often had to experience what it was like to have to make your way without support. I always knew that there was another way:

For this reason, I would like to create a safe space with you.

A place without elbow mentality, vanity and resentment.

Let us create space together for mutual support, inspiration and balance to hectic everyday life.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

Melli Zampanella (Founder)


I love listening to stories in which women talk about their visions and dreams. We sometimes don't take much time to talk about these topics with each other. But it's so easy to be infected by the sparkling eyes and the power of the storyteller.

THE HERA CIRCLE is the place where every woman can be what she wants to be. We want to create a place where women can inspire and support each other. A place where new doors keep opening.

In the search for this place, two visions met and combined their energies.

See you at one of our events, I look forward to seeing you!

Kerstin Arens aka Shelly (COO)

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