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How do you become a Hera? You can introduce yourself to us using our “Become a hera” form by answering a few questions we have preselected about you. A first impression of you is important to us so that we can get to know you better. After we have confirmed your BECOME A HERA request, you will receive two confirmation emails from us: 1) The confirmation with instructions for the next steps 2) Create password (sometimes ends up in the spam folder)

Can I try out an event before becoming a member? Our events are basically intended for members, but there are sometimes special event formats for which you can get a ticket. You can find our open events at

Do I have to be self-employed to become a member? No. We welcome all women who are passionate about something. Whether you have founded a company, are an expert in a particular topic, are an artist or are looking for your calling, you are welcome here.

What can I expect from The Hera Circle? As a member, you have access to our Hera Member App. In the app, you can take part in our wide range of events, network with other women from the community, submit your own events to invite the community and exchange ideas and inspiration in our forum and various groups. With your membership, you can also use our online marketplace HERA WISDOMS to sell your digital products. You can also expect great discounts and deals and exclusive invitations to events organised by brands, service providers and event organisers.


Are your events open to everyone? All our events are open to all members. There are certain events that you can also attend as a non-member by purchasing a ticket to get to know the HERA CIRCLE.

How can I network with the other Heras? With our member app you can network with other Heras, create your own Hera profile, follow other Heras and register for our events. At the events you have the opportunity to get to know everyone else at any time.

What can I expect at your events? We have very different event formats: Hera markets, concerts, after-work hangouts, ceremonial circles, continuing education classes, workshops, dance events and much more. There are drinks and snacks at every event and you will receive a warm welcome. You can find a detailed overview of all current events in our event calendar.

Are the events free? Most of our Hera events are free for you as a member. Exceptions are events with special external costs, such as material costs for workshops, external service costs, etc.


How much does a membership at The Hera Circle cost? As a Hera, you pay €47.60 per month for your membership. The membership can be canceled monthly via your account in the login area or by email to

Can I pause the membership or cancel it monthly? You can cancel your membership at any time. The membership is billed monthly. If the membership is cancelled, the membership expires in the active month and is deactivated for the following month. Membership can be cancelled monthly via your account in the login area or by sending an email to Pausing is unfortunately not possible. If you decide to join THE HERA CIRCLE again at another time, you can simply reapply via BECOME A HERA.

When does a membership start? Your membership is valid from the day you sign up. Your membership is billed monthly on this date. So if you sign up on the 16th of a month, your next billing will be on the 16th of the following month.

Is the app only for members? Yes, you can use the app as soon as you have activated your membership.


What are Hera Deals? As a Hera, you can offer your products or services at a discount to all other Heras. Your membership also gives you access to a wide range of great deals and benefits with other brands, service providers and event organisers. You can find all deals in the Member Area on the website or in the Member App.

Where can I find all Hera deals? If you are logged in to the website with your Hera login details, you will find all deals under “Member deals” in the website menu. In the app, you can access the deals page via the home page.


Do your retreats take place regularly? Our retreats take place regularly. Two retreats are planned for 2024.

Who are the retreats suitable for? Our retreats are right for you if you want to relax and surround yourself with other, inspiring Heras. We design each retreat with great attention to detail and want all participants to return home fulfilled and energetic after they have been able to completely let go with us.

Are your retreats always in the same place? No, we choose the right place for each retreat with a lot of passion. Our 2023 retreat took place in Villa Osa Major on Mallorca.


What is HERA WISDOMS? HERA WISDOMS is an online marketplace operated by us where you as a Hera member can sell your digital products such as classes, courses, audiobooks, ebooks, presets, guides and much more. We provide you with this marketplace so that you can start selling your products straight away. You can find more information in the main menu under: MEMBERSHIP -> HERA WISDOMS

Can I use HERA WISDOMS without being a member of THE HERA CIRCLE? Yes, the use of HERA WISDOMS costs €29.75 per month without THE HERA CIRCLE membership. After you have applied for a membership via MEMBERSHIP -> BECOME A HERA, you can then decide which membership you would like to activate. Alternatively, you can register for HERA WISDOMS directly under MEMBERSHIP -> HERA WISDOMS in the form. Your HERA WISDOMS membership can be cancelled on a monthly basis.


Where does the name "The Hera Circle" come from? Of course, many people immediately think of the mother of the gods "HERA" - the goddess of women, the moon and fertility, but in fact she is not the namesake of our Circle. "Hera" comes from the ancient Greek and literally means "heroine", "warrior" and is therefore the feminine form of "Heros". With "Hera" we want to describe a female heroine, a woman who knows her worth, who wants to (re)discover her feminine elemental power, who wants to create and create together with other women. For us, "Hera" symbolises feminine energy, the return to our feminine creative power and the courage to live our pure essence. For thousands of years, a circle has symbolised community, the exchange of knowledge, support and security. A powerful place for rituals, trust and deep connection. To summarise, our name stands for a powerful exchange with all its facets in the spirit of sisterhood.

What are the values of the Hera Circle? - All people who identify as female are welcome. - We believe that our world needs more feminine energy - yes BUT, we are NOT an anti-male community. We don't use our energy to stand against something or someone, we use our energy to stand FOR something: Sisterhood and strong cohesion among women. - We are not a classic career network: we are not just about "doing business" - we value real connections, a space where you don't have to perform all the time, a place where you can be "real". This also includes weakness, fear of failure, shame, etc. - The Hera Circle is intended to provide a balance to our hectic, performance-orientated everyday lives. With us, you can let yourself go, rediscover yourself and grow in dialogue with other women. - We value the "vibe" that our circle radiates. Elbow mentality, resentment and egocentric behaviour are out of place here. - The Hera Circle is OUR ALL Circle - which means that we are always open to new impulses, ideas and visions: whenever you want to get involved, feel free! Just send us an e-mail or talk to us at one of our many events.

What are the aims of The Hera Circle? Sisterhood Community Authenticity growth Aesthetics Safe Space International networking of women

In which cities is The Hera Circle available? The Hera Circle is currently located in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Further locations will be added this year.

Your question has not been answered? Send us a message to

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