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Our Circle Muses are trained in their element. In the circles they lead, we immerse ourselves in a powerful, energetic and special experience. Each circle is uniquely designed by its Circle Muse and we invite you to immerse yourself in one of our circle elements every month. Our Hera Circles offer a place of peace, relaxation and mindfulness. Experience this experience if you want to do something good for yourself. Hera members can find the registration for the circles in the event calendar in the member app. Tickets for public Hera Circles can be found here, depending on availability.


"I am Nika. For many years I have been offering shamanic power sessions & ceremonies and organizing various seminars, yoga courses, workshops, retreats and shamanic ceremonies in Europe and South America. Initiations & initiations into various traditions and my travels to different countries have brought me ever more deeply into contact with my shamanic heart. My general passion is to help people who have lost contact with their own hearts.
have to use shamanic techniques to help them to free themselves from the
to free people from the resulting stressful energies in order to find their way back to their natural harmony. I usually start with people where others think that they can't go any further. It is a matter close to my heart to help women who have suffered a great loss of strength to find their way back to their own, inner source of strength and to support them in defining stable boundaries that protect their feminine power. With acceptance of the current reality, motivation and a focus on healing, everything is possible. All my ceremonies are designed to remove the blockages that stand in the way of one's own self-healing powers."




"Close your eyes and imagine a world in which every woman has found a home within herself, is deeply connected to her body and firmly believes in her own power.

I am Judith Krüger and that is exactly my mission. It became a reality in my own life when I expressed my femininity and connected deeply with myself through my body and my senses. I allowed myself to fully develop my potential for pleasure and desire, which is now expressed not only in my body but also in my whole life.

As an empowerment coach and tantra teacher, I accompany women in 1:1 coaching sessions on exactly this path of self-development, in which they come into contact with their sensuality and conscious sexuality through their bodies. Because I see desire as a medicine that allows a part of us to blossom that is pure female empowerment, but has long been limited by society, culture, religion or personal experiences.

I also take women on a Yoniful Journey, which is sensual bodywork in the form of a massage that helps them to release emotional and physical blockages and find a completely new approach to themselves and their sexuality.

I love bringing women together in women's circles and retreats to create a sensitive, appreciative and humorous space for them to feel seen and heard in sisterhood and to embrace their sensual self in order to fully arrive at themselves. Do you want to come along?"




"I'm Leo and many years ago I discovered the magic of sounds. In this fast-paced and noisy world, the first sounds were something that gave me the opportunity to reconnect deeply with myself and my own rhythm. This has had a lasting positive impact on my life.

Today, I use sounds and natural scents to create spaces that invite you to reconnect with yourself and relax deeply. With a basic trust connected to your true inner core, you can open up to what is really important to you. My sound offering includes 1:1 sessions, singing bowl events & retreats (also as program accompaniment) and wedding sound ceremonies. In my rooms, in addition to aesthetics, harmony, lightness and joy, the gentleness of my sound work is particularly important to me. My mindful way of playing the instruments quickly invites you to feel good. A feeling of security can easily arise and you can feel completely at ease."

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My name is Miriam Weisbach.

I am an aromatherapist and keeper of the sacred knowledge of my Peruvian ancestors.

Since birth, I have been surrounded by the knowledge of the Peruvian high Andes and have developed a deep connection with Pachamama, Mother Earth. My greatest passion and mission is to help people connect with nature by guiding them to their favorite oils.

I integrate aspects of the shamanic Andean tradition into my work to create a balance between the individual and Mother Earth. It is important to me to support people on their journey to becoming more connected to nature.

Let us experience and create a deep connection with nature.




My name is Geraldine Rosteius.

I am a dancer and embodiment mentor.

My passion is to get people moving and to accompany them in their authentic expression.

In my work I firmly believe in the connection between body, mind and soul.

Movement offers us the space to bring feelings from the inside out and into expression.

In my workshops or individual coaching sessions, I accompany you in finding your strength, following your intuition, recognizing your value and setting clear boundaries for yourself.

All feelings are allowed to be there and want to be seen, heard and felt.

Only then will we be able to let go of what no longer serves us and live in a loving and appreciative way with ourselves and others.

I am looking forward to a powerful, playful and sensual Embodiment Circle with you, which will be full of small and perhaps also large movements and encounters.



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